Organizing and Reading:
The site is open to your own thoughts and comments under “Blog.” Originally, I tried to structure this under two Blog tabs — “My Blogs” and “Guest Blogs” so that you could separately see the postings that I have done, and then, all the other postings. As the best state so far, all blogs are under “Blog,” but there is a “Category” box to the right. To read my blogs, simply click on “My Blogs.” To read guest blogs, simply click on “Guest Blogs”

Registering and Writing:
This is the place where we welcome your opinions and comments, and invite your participation. We want this to be a forum of opinions. Leaving a post or comment however, will require a free sign-up/sign-in.) And in this, we request that you please speak here as you would like to be spoken to. Bear in mind that what gets posted here is out there for the whole — searchable — Internet to see; write something that you would be proud of.

There is a great value in opinions — even differing opinions. This is how we come to form and coalesce our own thoughts and opinions — but only when done in a collegial and collaborative way (without accusation.) In the current society, tragically far too high a number think the best way to express their viewpoint is to tear down another, with their comments or the “dirt” they can find, etc. –And entirely lose the richness of talking through an issue. (So, toward this end, we reserve the right to not approve any post that is accusatory, etc. in nature.)

To begin the process, click this link to log in. Notice in the lower left-hand corner, the text that says “Register”.

Clicking on this “Register” link will open up the second dialog box, prompting you for a Username and email. Enter these, and click the “Register” button. An email will then come to you with your new login and site password (which you can change, once you’re in.)

When you return to the “Login” box with your user name and new password, it will bring into a “Dashboard” where you should click “Profile” (on the right) and changing your password, if you desire. However, as you register, we require that you give us your first and last names; and you may optionally put something about you in the bio. Nothing but your chosen UserID ever shows to the public; but this site needs to know that there’s a real person at the other end, as there is too much spam at these sites. ANY REGISTRATION THAT DOES NOT INCLUDE A NAME IN THE PROFILE MAY BE SUBJECT TO DELETION AS A USER.

From there, you’re ready to go: Click on “Write,” give your post a title, and then begin to write your first blog with us!

When you’re done, hit “Save” and/or “Submit for Review.” As soon as we’ve had a chance to review for appropriateness, it’ll show up on the web.

Thanks; Welcome — and blog away!

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