OK. Convince me why I should be a conservative!

The purpose of this page, open to your posts, is for conservatives to convince me why I should be a conservative. What principles, or what thoughts am I missing? Why is this the best viewpoint?

Feel free to be passionate, but without flaming, tell me why you feel this is the best position. Convince me!

Place your comments below, and I will condense the best of these at the top of this post here. And herein we should have an ongoing and dynamic “picture” of what it means to be the “best of conservative” viewpoint.

The Best of Conservative Viewpoint:

  • Free markets are best. These forces will always resist manipulation, as it’s fundamentally in man’s best interest to pursue his best interest; and this cannot ever be controlled — except temporarily.Anything that government has ever touched — going back hundreds of years — has been inefficiently done, and therefore wasteful of limited resources.
  • Incent work: Caring for the poor is important, but too much handout only weakens them, causing disincentive to work on their own behalf.
  • Low taxation: Man working for his own behalf, will work harder — and therefore will overall contribute more to society. Prosperity in a society, is directly related to productivity. Therefore (over)taxation only saps off substance that can be used for overall growth.
  • This will be your next comment.


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