This is the advanced page, whose purpose (open to posts from everyone) is where I will combine the “best of” from the other two tabs, conservative and liberal. After we begin to condense the “best of” viewpoints from each of those tabs in one essay, this is the place to discuss what seems to be the vision “we can both agree on.” Then, after discussion and tweaking, we will have a vision with which to move forward — in a united way.

Perhaps — if we are open — we can learn something from each other.

Place your comments below specifically regarding consensus. If your comments are more yet conservative/liberal, place them on those pages, and I will condense the best of these at the top of this post here. And herein we should have an ongoing and dynamic “picture” of what it means to be the “best of political” viewpoint.

The Best of Consensus Viewpoint:

  • Consensus to come..


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