Introduction and Purpose

    Pronunciation: ‘stAts-m&n
    Function: noun
    1 : one versed in the principles or art of government; especially : one actively engaged in conducting the business of a government or in shaping its policies
    2 : one who exercises political leadership wisely and without narrow partisanship


Politicians and Statesmen.

I have long personally felt that there are too many politicians, and not enough statesmen. Our country is one that is blessed with many resources. But, if these are squandered in a greed-grab, our substance goes down the drain. If we work together, we will stand; divided, we will fall.

At our founding, so significant was our potential that certain European forces made a determined effort that we not become a Union. They understood that, with our set of resources, if we unified, we would be irresistibly strong. And because, I suspect, this threatened them, they spent resources (both openly and covertly) to divide our Union. These forces came close to succeeding in that goal, and seeds of unnecessary division persist to this day.

Our resources are manifold: In our soil, rich and fertile, we have the potential to feed the world. In our minerals: we possess most every mineral here, from uranium to fossil fuel — and yes, enough oil on the North Slope of Alaska to be self-sustaining for hundreds of years. Shipping ports abound, from sea to shining sea. ..But our resources are also in our people: tenacious and courageous, hardworking and big-hearted. And also in our brain-trust. Second in the world perhaps only to Israel, we have engineered some of the greatest scientific and humanitarian achievements known to man. We are given–”God given–a set of resources with the ability and purpose to accomplish much–and a cheering section to see us accomplish them. But, experiencing divisive forces, we have yielded much of our potential wealth. But, this we can regain back. We have made some foolish choices, but it’s not too late to begin to make some wise choices, thus regaining lost ground. But, these necessary things will be hard. Yet still possible. And well worth the price of doing them.

The purpose of this site is to offer a forum of ideas: Those things that remind us of who we ordained to be. — And perhaps, in this, we may find the courgage to become it. ..But, be aware, we are already internally a divisive nation: One that possesses many who feel it their job to tear down other people. Because it’s hard to build, and easy to tear, while this site will allow a degree of open forum, it will be moderated heavily, and allow only that which returns us to our roots.

May the Statesmen arise.


You can picture a morning in early Colonial America, when men of valor were imminently to engage in a battle for the welfare of their country — just out of view, this deadly serious scene. And as we were then, also we are now, in a place where we must fight for our country — resisting those internal enemy voices that try to tell us: “Put up and shut up. All is well.” —Never has it been acceptable in this country to squelch commentary and dialog, as these are the tools by which our enemies are starved out. And thus, this forum.

Welcome to, and the section dedicated to the viewpoints and comments of the full range of political thought. –Your viewpoints. –And ideally, our consensus.

Additionally, the purpose of this site is to debunk those significant news items that are widely held as true, but facts show them to be falsehoods: specifically, those two falsehoods that “there were no weapons of mass destruction” and that “the science is settled on global warming” — both of which I refute here.